DAVID HOCKNEY in Jericho Public Library

SUNY Farmingdale Prof. Thomas Germano, Jericho Public Library, 1/17/2018
The artist David Hockney














Professor Thomas Germano gave a fascinating, comprehensive lecture and visual presentation of David Hockney’s vast body of work and all of its stages, as the exhibit of his work is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art thru February 25, in honor of Hockney’s 80th birthday.  This year he has been simultaneously  honored at London’s Tate Museum, and in San Francisco, in addition to New York.

Whether it was the swimming pools or the landscapes, or the “joiners” (photo collages), portraits, drawings, or so much else, David Hockney creates art daily and hasn’t succumbed to old age in the size and scope of his work.  Originally from London, England, he migrated to California and maintains homes in England and the US. He has been open about his homosexuality even when it was illegal in the 1960s England. That same courage is expressed in his original creations. His diploma from the Royal Academy of Art was threatened when he refused to write a paper, holding his position that he was an artist and writing a paper wasn’t appropriate. He held his ground and succeeded. Not only did he  receive the diploma, but he was invited back years later and granted an honorary doctorate!

The fact he perceived his early years in the rake of William Hogarth’s, having left home to find his fortune and failed, he did not fail at all. And fantastic modernized versions of William Hogarth’s etchings by Hockney have been the result.

His “Secret Knowledge” about the secret techniques, (e.g. use of mirrors)  by the great masters, such as Vermeer and other early realistic painters) was discussed. David Hockney’s book created quite a stir int he art world . His  theory and demonstration is also  is available on You Tube.

Professor Germano covered so much of Hockney’s work that it wet my appetite for more. I must get to the Metropolitan Museum of Art ASAP! So must you, if you haven’t seen the exhibit. It’s showing along with Michelangelo!


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