Shelter Rock Gallery and the NAPW of Long Island Success

There I am at the Shelter Rock Gallery today. It was the first day all week that I got up and out of the house, due to illness.
Katherine Criss with her award winning layered photograph commemorating 9-11.
Phillis Coniglio, entertaining membership chair with a certificate for her art and efforts.
New member of the Pen Women, Kathi is sweeping up recognition for her achievements. Kudos for a great artist, photographer and friend who earned it and deserves it!

I attended the reception today, Sunday September 24, at the Shelter Rock Art Gallery, within the Universalist Unitarian Community Church in Manhasset, NY. I had been there numerous times before, with my mother, who wanted to see her friends’ work, as she promised them, and she had been a member of the National Pen Women of LI. Katherine Criss of the BJ Spoke Gallery and Phillis Coniglio, the membership chair are friends I enjoyed chatting with recently and I had a chance to support their efforts and meet other Pen Women members and check out their creations and filled my pockets with tissues and cough drops and headed out to the show. (I have been fighting a cold and then an infection for more than a week, and am on day four of an antibiotic, which renders me “not infectious.”  How I caught the initial “bug” I may never know. When Phillis invited me to attend, and I was very curious, I was determined to be there. That’s what all art enthusiasts should do. Attend every reception and art opening you can. It’s a form of support for fellow artists. We need bodies at these events, and ones who know and appreciate art are the best kind.

This National American Pen Women’s Long Island Chapter Juried Art Show went smoothly, with heavy attendance and local government recognition.  I was pleased to see that its newest member, Katherine Criss won an award for a layered photograph commemorating 9-11.

I carefully examined every work of art and the excellent sculptures. I am appreciating sculpture more as I have become a fan of the BJ Spoke Gallery’s John A. Bell metal people sculptures made from auto parts and Caroline Kaplowitz’s recently viewed wooden and stone sculptures that were shown in the Nassau County Museum of Art and widely elsewhere.  She currently  focuses on her watercolor paintings and drawings.

Artist Phillis Coniglio with one of the two exceptional works she had on display.

I photographed Katherine Criss (fellow BJ Spoke Gallery member) and Phillis Coniglio, both exceptionally talented artists whose work I admire. When announcements were made and award certificates distributed, An enthusiastic crowd in attendance, the work was top-notch.

Janice Koppel’s Pitti Mask
Participant members of the NAPW

It’s worth an excursion.

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