Saturday was an art-full double-header with Tri-County & the Hecksher Museum

Saturday, August 19 was a beautiful day to enjoy and outing. I heard about the Tri-County Artists of LI and their exhibit at the Cold Spring Harbor Public Library and Environmental Center, and ventured there. I discovered the massive, elegant library, which looks like it is a renovated mansion. It isn’t. It was built specifically to serve the communities of Cold Spring Harbor, Laurel Hollow and Lloyd Harbor.  The magnificent structure overlooks the harbor with sailing ship and perfect photo opportunities. The artwork was in a room and hallway and there was only one flyer displayed. There was no book to sign and no handouts, not even a price list. I don’t know what happened to these items. Perhaps the woman who usually manages exhibits had them stored away. I could only see the names of the artists on the actual artwork and I was disappointed there was not contact information. (The group is located in Lynbrook, NY). If interested in learning more about future exhibits and about requirements for membership, you can email: info@tricountyartistsof long  The quality of the work was professional.  I was impressed. I finally found the information about the group and how to join after a few attempts at searching online. Even the librarian on duty tried and could not find anything. I realized the group is selective and wants to protect the integrity  of its membership.Update: On the following Monday, Ms. Olson of the Cold Spring Harbor Library called me in followup and gave me the contact information for the Tri-County Artists and I had also found the association online (, after a search and the President, Lisa C. was helpful and there is a process for acceptance, which includes review of actual samples of artwork. It is much like joining a  gallery. They want to ensure the quality is up to their high standard, which makes sense.

©Karen Kirshner’s photo of harbor from Cold Spring Harbor Library


One of my favorite paintings in the Ebb & Flow exhibit by a woman artist.

Then off to the Heckscher Museum for the Ebb & Flow: Seascape and Shoreline Views exhibition (August 5-November 12), and the permananent collection.As I approached the small building music was playing and there was a picnic happening on the lovely Huntington landscepe. Tucked away in a corner is this treasure waiting to be explored. I hadn’t been to the museum since childhood. I was permitted to photograph the paintings, as long as I didn’t use the flash. There is no exhibition catalogue to purchase, so to retain the most memorable paintings, snapping away was the only option. The exhibit included a lovely Stan Brodsky painting of the sea and shoreline. (It was purchased by the museum.)

Painting by Stan Brodsky




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