Absolutely Abstract on Main Street

Friday, August 18 News Flash:

The ABSOLUTELY ABSTRACT show juried by the abstract artist Maxine Jurow, will be at the Main Street Gallery of the Huntington Arts Council. It begins with tonight’s reception from 6-8 PM. The show runs August 17  to Sept. 9, 2017.

Update: The reception was a huge success. The gallery was wall to wall people and many spilled out onto the street to get air. My “Faith” painting was positioned facing the people looking in from the street. It got a lot of attention from fellow artists and their guests.  I consider it one of my “masterpieces.” It seems to be a tradition of the Huntington Arts Council not to give first and second and third place awards in their shows. Why? It could be considered non-competitive once the artist is successful to have a piece of work accepted, I suppose. I found it odd though, that a few images got honorable mention, but didn’t seem to compare with the rest of the body of the work in the show.That was my opinion and that of my friends but no one can presume to know why choices are made. It was as if it was to give encouragement, …maybe to students?  I waited for the presentation by the juror which might offer an explanation, but missed it by minutes. (A friend wanted a quick slice of pizza, while there were ample refreshments.) I was glad to be in the show, although my name was left off the postcard.When I pointed it out, the director was apologetic, explaining the HAC is going through a staff change, in that the extraordinarily efficient and friendly assistant director, Florence Dallari had retired and new people were taking over her role and hadn’t had a chance to master it yet. It is too soon. Fortunately, someone is a quick study and immediately  sent a corrected flyer, which included my name and an image of the painting I have in the show. She thoughtfully sent it to distribute in time for the reception. The show is only up until September 9, so if you are going to see it, now is as good a time as later, because you might blink at the eclipse on Monday, or worse yet, you look into the sun, you will not only be blinded… you’ll miss it.

2 thoughts on “Absolutely Abstract on Main Street

  1. Hi I’m in the HAC Abstract Show also. I was also puzzled by the pieces selected for honorable mention. I was there for the jurors critique. She admitted that she had not seen the pieces in person. She judged them from the submitted photos. That might explain some things. I am a sculptor and am in the Cold Spring Harbor show you also critiqued.
    If you can check out the sculpture show at the South Huntington library. It has been open since July and will close at the end of August.

    1. Ken, thank you for clearing up the mystery of those Honorable Mentions. So we weren’t going nuts! I am surprised the Maxine didn’t wait until she saw the pieces in 2- and 3-D. I look forward to checking out the So. Huntington Library exhibit you mentioned. If I get there in time, I will definitely post something about it. Thanks again.

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