PAPERWORKS 2017 is coming to BJ Spoke Gallery

The Paperworks annual national  juried art exhibition is happening at BJ Spoke Gallery  on view starting August 2, with reception on August 5, and it will be on display in the three galleries at BJ Spoke, thru August  27, 2017.

Paperworks is one of the most sensational exhibitions of the year. Every year since 2015 the gallery has exhibited the national juried show. It isn’t simple work on paper, although there are pieces done directly on paper (including the winner of this year’s first place award). Usually, it is extraordinary artistry using paper in fantastic constructions.  

Shanlin Ye is the Paperworks 2017 is a winner with this watercolor portrait.


Long-time artist member, Liz Ehrlichman shares an article about why Paperworks “works”. Submitted for inclusion in this blog to tell readers about the specialness of the annual show, you’ll see examples of some of the past exhibits. Please click the red link below for the full article.

Article on Paperworks 2017 for K. Kirshner blog

Please click the link above for the article by Liz Ehrlichman


Paperworks 2017 winners:

J. L. AbrahamNew York, NY
Mark AcciariNew York, NY
Yossi Ben AbuSan Francisco, CA
Joomi ChungOxford, OH
Angelika EjtelSachse, TX
Tom FlemingNew York, NY
Adam Goldman –  Menlo Park, CA
Marco HernandezWichita, KS
Simon HickeySt. James, NY
Liz InnvarBrooklyn, NY
Mario LaplanteSan Francisco, CA
Wendy Letven – Clifton, NJ
Stephanie Losi –
Waretown, NJ
Bob Mathews –
Omaha, NE
Selena Nawrocki – Valdosta, GA
Carol Nussbaum – Short Hills, NJ
Elizabeth Panzer – Accord, NY
Kristin Pesola – Portland, OR
David Quinn – Brooklyn, NY
Manda Remmen – Emory, VA
K.E. Sekararum – Brookline, MA
Ken Wood – St. Louis, MO
Shanlin Ye – Ballwin, MO
Followup: The reception coincided on the same day as the Clothesline Exhibition/Sale, and I could not be in both places at once.  I found out that the reception was a success. The attendance was high and people were drawn in by the live music in one corner of the front gallery. A Paperworks winning piece was bought immediately from the front window display. People were impressed and drawn to the creative pieces. One at the back of the third gallery was created by a deaf artist, and it had an optical illusion effect which people couldn’t resist playing with. Great show!  It’s up until later in the month (August). It is certainly worthy of a visit to the gallery.


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