Liz Ehrlichman’s Portraits Draw a Crowd

“Kathi,” a portrait by Liz Ehrlichman.

Even with a concussion after banging my head (on the hard top of a tiny sports car, trying to get in), I wouldn’t miss the reception for Liz Ehrlichman’s “Portraits” show.  It didn’t take coaxing, on Saturday afternoon, June 3, for art aficionados to cross the threshold into the world of Liz Erhlichman’s art, either.  Portraits so real and whimsical, unusually life-like, with the energy inspired by the artist, donned the walls for introductions. Meet Liz in a portrait where she emulated Carravagio with her face emerging in light from the canvas. Close enough to touch. Like Rembrandt was known to do, she painted herself  into a portrait on the wall, as a portrait within a portrait. These weren’t simple portraits.  For example, in her own portrait as a young woman, she included things she may have been  pre-oppcupied with at the time, (serving as another form of portrait of a life lived then).  There were portraits of some of the long-time gallery members, which matched the models walking around — discussing their art (which was in other parts of the gallery), and meeting and greeting Liz’s admirers.

BJ Spoke Gallery’s managing director’s portrait was in the window and she couldn’t resist wearing the dress, in which she was portrayed and posing outside the gallery. She invited strolling pedestrians to enter and see more. She was having fun.  I was pleased to see the refreshments were mostly healthful and one of the artists whose work I greatly admire was enjoying the wine.  See the video of Lorraine Carol by clicking this link. LorraineCarol6.2.2017 copy

Artist, gallery managing director Lorraine Carol posing with her portrait.

The show runs from June 1 thru June 28, 2017.  The rest of the gallery is filled with members’ artwork, in  “People & Places” and will be up during the same period. There is a small sampling of some of the work on display below. Come on down to the gallery, you’re always welcome.

Model/muse and Liz

The artist’s self-portrait as she was in her youth.
Artist Phyllis Baron with Ehrlichman’s portrait of her.
Portrait of the artist Richard Anello, whose romantic long canvas stretcher-less paintings hung from the walls as if they were in a palace. Beautiful and mystical.
Liz Ehrlichman’s reception later in the day.


John Bell ‘s used car parts turned into great sculptures. Several of his creations were are on display.


Kevin Larkin’s new masterpiece. (His work is hot. He sold a different painting at the opening!)
I believe this is Gia Schifano’s masterful painting.
©Karen Kirshner’s  InPlay 2 and “The Chat,” (2017) with popular Lili Maglione’s  abstract to the right.
Painting leading you on a journey by Phyllis Baron, and another sculpture by John Bell, and more art by members.

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