Huntington Arts Council’s Members Showtime Opened to Rave Review

The Huntington Arts Council’s Members Showtime — Artist Members Show Opening Reception  took place on May 26, 2017 6 -8 pm. The paintings will be on display thru June 17 at the Main Street Gallery, 213 Main Street, Huntington. Hours are Monday – Friday from 9am-5pm and Saturday 12pm-4pm,  My painting, “Fantastic World” is included, along with dozens of other artist members’ artwork.

Members Showtime 2017

Member artists exhibiting include: Leslie Barnett, Sandra Bowman, Joyce Bressler, Elsie Callahan, Elizabeth Cassidy, Philip Costa, Caryn Coville, Jennifer Drucker, Barbara Farchione, Charles Fillizola, James Finlayson, Denise Franzino, Monica Friedrich, Phyllis Goodfriend, Holly Gordon, Cynthia Grimm, Jan Guarino, Rodee Hansen, Gerry Hirschstein, Dan Hittleman, Geraldine Hoffman, Susan Illions-Lee, Randy Ilowite, Caroline Isacsson, David Jaycox, Jr., Barbara V Jones, Deborah Katz, Karen L Kirshner, Niki Kniffin, Michael Lang, Drew Lockwood, Linda Louis, Alison V Lovett, E. Craig Marcin, Jeanette R. Martone, Arlene McLoughlin, Margaret Minardi, Vera Mingovits, Robin Moore, Karen Anne O’Donnell, Eleanore L. O’Sullivan, Ann Parry, Tara Leale Porter, Lawrence Schloss,Ted Scholl, Dorothy Schwartz, Patricia Schwarz, Steve Shannon, Sally Shore, Susan Kozodoy Silkowitz, Herbert Slapo, Susan Sterber, Angela Stratton, Robert Stuhmer, Stan Teich, Anne Thompson, Susan Tiffen, Mac Titmus, Pamela Waldroup, Linda Watson, Joan Weiss, M. Ellen Winter, Constance Sloggatt Wolf, Kathleen Young.

All are welcome to view. It’s free, and artwork is for sale — to beautify your home, office or give as a gift to someone special.

The  reception was a full-house of artists, family and friends.

I met a fine sculptor, who specializes in Judaica. He  suggested I consider the Judaica market,, as I hide “Chai” in my paintings and have a deep faith, primarily cultural and spiritual, not ritual and dogmatic.  I am more “for the people” as a sociologist, historian and marketing oriented gal. But, I am open to it, additionally.  Why limit my audience?

I have one fun painting, “Black Doodle/Night” in the Members Showcase at the Art Guild of Port Washington, right now, and I was startled to see sticky notes being placed by some of the artwork for awards, when I had been advised by another artist to put something in that I liked, not what would win an award, since it is a members show, not a juried show. Well it seems it was judged, and had I realized that would happen, I would have put a more dynamic piece in that show.

Because my art is so much a piece of me, I am very sensitive about it and don’t like to be judged.  Who does? I am finished with school and taking tests and being graded. Artistic taste is subjective once you have demonstrated proper use of form, color, perspective, the materials and space.

You wouldn’t know it on my face or in my behavior, but I had gone to the reception dreading a judge would claim one piece of artwork was better than another. In a members showcase, judgements are expected to be withheld. Each member has provided samples when he/she applied to join the organization and to compare “apples and oranges” seems unfair and unreasonable, and unfriendly.

I was relieved of my previous anxiety, because the Arts Council  did not have someone casting judgment on its members’ artistic expression, and the director and others in charge were receptive to all styles. In fact,  there was something for everyone’s taste, is what was said.

It was fun putting the name badges on and walking around and looking at each member’s artwork and meeting with fellow artists to discuss our creative processes and the outcome.

Maybe I’m sounding neurotic confessing I feared that because my work is so unusual and bold, “Fantastic World” would be hidden away in a dark corner of the Main Street Gallery, if there is such a corner. I was luckier than that. My painting is the second from the large front window. It’s the likely the first painting you’d see from the street. Thank you Huntington Arts Council!

HAC Reception for Members Showtime 2017. I am posing (red jacket) with fellow artists.
Artist to artist discussing our processes and outcomes. I was chatting with the talented Gerry Hirschstein,

My fan, enjoying the show.
Karen Kirshner’s painting second from the left, in the window.That exotic sculpture is “The Burning Bush” and upon examination is worth the $5000 listed price.

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