Getting Dirty – The 90-Minute Charcoal Portrait Workshop

My unfinished, forced charcoal sketch.

Getting my hands dirty — Friday, I had taken a  “90-minute Charcoal Portrait” workshop at the Art League of Long Island, with the popular and likable artist/instructor, Larry Aarons. I did it to push myself to try my hand at charcoal portraits. I hadn’t drawn a portrait with charcoal, since I was a teenager, so I dared myself. That’s what every artist should do, in my opinion — try different approaches, techniques and mediums and then revisit them when contemplating “what ifs”….

Artist/instructor Larry Aarons

Larry’s certainly a great teacher of a structured approach, but I am a rebel when it comes to such restraints. I prefer to be free to express myself any way that seems natural. One learns from each experience and I reconfirmed that I don’t like to be told how to draw or paint and… I will do it my way.

KarenLKirshner’s first and only penciled self-portrait, drawn at 16.
Practicew/Chuck©KarenLKirshner 5/25/17
Drawing of a woman by my mother, Betty B. Kirshner. She drew all the time and was fantastically talented.

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