Take Flight to Manchester, Connecticut

I ventured to distant Manchester, CT on Sunday to deliver the painting accepted for the “FLIGHT” exhibition at the Dehn Gallery on Main Street, associated with Manchester Community College.

I was impressed with the large space and its newness. It’s a lovely gallery and only five years old. Had I known it would take three hours to drive there on Mothers Day I would have used UPS or Fed Express to deliver the painting. I did want to see the gallery and to meet the organizers.  They were hard at work on the holiday — truly dedication.

FLIGHT’s reception is Friday, May 19, 2017, 6-8 PM. Exhibit is May 16 thru August 26.

The address is Dahn Gallery at MCC on Main, 903 Main Street, Manchester, CT. If you are in CT, please visit. I don’t know if I will be able to attend the reception. I was on the road (to and from) for six hours, in heavy traffic the first time. I was told there is a ferry that will take people and cars nearby, in less time and without all the stress and hassle. The problem is that  you have to drive to Port Jefferson, to get on the ferry, and that is quite a “shlep” from where I live. I am grateful my (Butterfly) painting of “The Garden Emperor” was accepted by he jurist. It is certainly an honor and it is more exposure outside of New York.

The town seemed idealic, quiet and full of stores and businesses well cared for, like walking onto a Hollywood set.  It’s not far from New Haven.



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