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Karen Kirshner  has a unique perspective. It’s been said her vivid, creative imagination enables her to create new and exciting worlds. Read More

“Turned on” by color, and all forms and shapes,  Karen transmits that excitement to art lovers in her evocative creations. As a a highly intuitive  abstract expressionist, seduced by various colors, she ventures on a quest for meaning. Karen pursues what is hidden, and to places markers along the way, Symbols as language are a used effectively as “information” within as imagery, for admirers to ponder and excavate. Karen has a rare mastery,evidenced in her unusual color combinations.   Her growing  number of admirers  say, “it works!”  

Actively creating new art, Karen pushes past where she has been, seeking and evolving and exploring as an ongoing process, with her creations. Please see for yourself…
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  • "Joyride" (Acrylics) 22" x 28" framed